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CTIH Limited.

Balancing needs.

We understand that crucial to event success is what happens behind the scenes. From the cellar staff to the front of house, we know that exceptional standards have to be adhered to make a for a great customer experience. We provide services from recruitment to training to the event itself, ensuring that our team of staff know and are comfortable in what they’re doing at every event, understanding that each venues needs can vary.

We understand clients’ needs.

Whether it’s staffing events for 5 staff or 50, locally or nationwide, we deal with the client and their needs first, to determine what it is that they need from us and ensuring goals are met. It’s our great relationships with our clients that have helped established our reputation within the industry. We demonstrate the confidence and ability to maintain a highly professional work ethic whilst ensuring the task at hand is completed. Working closely with our clients we have built a strong reputation in the corporate and celebrity world of London, as well as a UK wide range of events and festivals. We are proud of what we have achieved and enriched by the people we have met and helped so far – and we’re excited about what the future holds.

Security crossover.

Often working at events where security meets hospitality, whether that’s a private event or a large race meet, gives us the opportunity to demonstrate our unique service, and the reason why we’re more than just recruitment.

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