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Event Security.

Bespoke client requirements and a flexible working approach have given us a client and venue base that we are incredibly proud of. Will you be next to join us? An area of our business that allows the client to focus on their main delivery objectives. Capture Security is experienced in controlling certain elements of any event to ensure that the event organiser can rely on the event running smoothly. This often involves us taking on the safety element of the event to ensure that the event organiser is suitably aware of all the safety implications of the event.

Concerts/ Festivals.

If you are scheduling or organising a concert, large or small, you will almost certainly need to consider hiring security personnel to manage the event. An important and highly specialised task, Capture Security will help you deal with the many and varied scenarios that may occur throughout the event. The presence of highly skilled security personnel is as reassuring as it is indispensable.

It is vital to have appropriately trained staff in the right places at the right time to handle the intense pressure of the Pit, a friendly and helpful face at the point of first entry can calm the moment instantly. Concert-goers often travel long distances, and our staff are trained to recognise and control the heightened state of any audience.

Sadly, the unexpected can happen at any time. Capture Security personnel are fully trained to deal with evacuations in the unlikely event of a raid, bomb scare or hoax taking place.

Corporate/ High Class Events.

We have a large portfolio of clients and partners and the experience to make your event as special and stress-free as possible. We can deal with a single aspect of your event or manage the entire event with all the important details from security, through to venue management to catering, managing teams and bar staff.

The world is changing, today it is more important than ever to treat corporate events with a heightened degree of professionalism and integrity. Capture Security fully understands the challenge and importance of keeping an event as safe as possible. All Security Services personnel are comprehensively trained to demonstrate the utmost respect and professionalism required.

Event Security Safety Officer.

Experienced in events involving large spaces, temporary structures, stages and large numbers of people, Event Safety officers are fully equipped to deal with the overall safety of the event. Working in tandem with the event organiser a specialist liaison Safety Officer from Capture Security enables the client to undertake their event roles without having to worry about security and the smooth running of the event.

In very crowded areas pushing and shoving by event attendees or the eruption of a fight is not uncommon. We are trained to resolve conflicts and remove any offending attendees from the event. Celebrities always draw large crowds, whether at a concert, book signing, casual meeting with fans, or other planned or surprise appearances. Event Safety Officers are indispensable when it comes to crowd control, managing fans, and protecting celebrities.

Event & Site Management.

Event Support and Site Management is a service offered by Capture Security to assist with the overall running of an event. This enables the client to focus on their main objectives with an event by ensuring that the overall site management is catered for. We pride ourselves on being able to assist Event management and help the client hold a successful event.

Key reasons to consider Event and Site Management:

  • Planning & Logistics
  • Event Development.
  • Whatever the event.
  • Peace of mind.

You can hire Event Support and Site Management to handle as much or as little of your upcoming event as necessary.

Sports Event Security.

One of the downsides of a Sporting Event is in most cases there will be a winner and a loser. Fans of the losing team can get excessively angry, violent, and unruly, resulting in fights, mobs, and even riots. Sports Event Security personnel will be responsible for assessing fans as they enter and exit the venue, ensuring no one is carrying dangerous items, are acting in a peaceful and non-aggressive manner and are not excessively intoxicated. They will assist with maintaining order in gift shops, restrooms, and concessions sales, as well as monitoring and verifying the ages of individuals buying alcohol.

Sporting events draw large crowds to a single location, Capture Security Sports Events personnel take very seriously the possibility this may present to terrorists or other malicious groups or an in-stadium disaster. An important element in Sports Event Security is assessing these risks, ensuring the location is as secure as possible and identifying and eliminating any threats. Our personnel are highly trained in all these aspects, and will be on hand to deal with evacuation and disaster relief where necessary.

Event Stewarding Security.

An Event Steward can play a vital role in the effectiveness and efficiency of any event. Hiring a team of Capture Security Event Stewards will support you and your organisation in hosting a successful event by maintaining protection and assistance to you and your staff.

Key roles for Capture Security Stewards are as followed: meet and greeting, giving directions, seat placement, parking services, line control, ticketing procedures, and crowd control.

Key events:

  • Street Fairs
  • Demonstrations
  • Street Marches
  • Concerts
  • Sporting Events
  • Celebrity Appearances
  • Festivals

TV/ Film Security.

Capture Security has many years experience dealing with security issues surrounding studio and location filming. We understand the importance of TV & Film security and the important balance of dealing with film logistics. We understand that working on set is a pressured and often time limited event. We passionately believe that keeping people informed of activities helps to develop a strong working relationship in on set situations, and will often lead to problems being solved before they arise.

Capture Security key roles in television and film security: close liaison with the production team, dealing with landowners and other legitimate parties, protecting your assets, location security, set and production area security, protection for the camera crew and production staff, hostile environment protection, individual and group close protection, driving and escorting VIPs, green room and sensitive areas protection, audience and Extras handling, perimeter guarding, vehicle movements, searches and access, people searches, catering security, offset protection, and continuous risk assessment.

We offer specialist services to the film and TV industry by supplying high quality security personnel to ensure that the safety of the crew and equipment is maintained along with the integrity and privacy of the production. A member of our senior management team will be with you at all times. They provide a detailed reports on a daily basis suggesting different levels of set security, and recommended measures necessary for achieving the security target.

Event Support.

An area of our business that allows the client to focus on their main delivery objectives. We are experienced in controlling certain elements of any event to ensure that the event organiser can rely on the event running smoothly. This often involves us taking on the safety element of the event to ensure that the event organiser is suitably aware of all the safety implications of the event.

Key elements of Event Support are as followed: creating and maintaining a safe environment for your event, guest control, personnel control, traffic management, and support services.

Typical Events Where Event Support Services may be required:

  • Conferences
  • Exhibitions
  • Graduations
  • Film Premieres
  • Concerts
  • Festivals

Traffic Management Services.

Traffic Management Services utilise staff that is not only licensed in Security activities but also have experience at handling vehicles around an event site. Our staff can manage entry, exit and assisted parking for paying or non paying guests, as well as the build and strike of an event. We understand the importance of proper traffic movement and utilise proper equipment to ensure that any vehicle movement is necessary and safe.

  • Local transport infrastructure knowledge
  • Dealing with peak entry and exit logistics
  • Parking payment services
  • On-site vehicle surveillance and protection
  • Signposting